Films move our soul. Films entertain, inspire, and take us to new grounds. They broaden our horizons, indicate grievances or inform. The key ingredients: fascinating people, strong images and stories that will enthrall you.

Whether a TV-report or Imagefilm: My films will enrage, fill you with sadness or bring a smile to your face. One thing is guaranteed: They won´t leave you untouched. Each topic has a perspective which hasn’t been yet been explored, a question which hasn´t yet been asked. My job is to find those stories and bring them to life in an appealing narrative, with journalistic accuracy and a strong human connection.

My clients are production-companies and TV-channels as well as corporations and government bodies. Dependent on the client, the focus of my work ranges from edutainment and science-journalism to personal biographies and sociopolitical documentaries.

Additionally, since 2013, I have been a visiting lecturer on the television industry at the University of Applied Sciences Munich.

International Experience

 – Canada – China – Finland – Hong Kong – Israel – Kenya – Morocco – Philippines – Spain – Switzerland – Tanzania – USA